Gay Tokyo: Tavel Guide to Tokyos best gay bars

We advise downloading the Tokyo subway map on your smartphone or view it here. Love the mag? There are temples surrounded by blooming sakura blossoms and secluded udon shops, filled with bowls of brothy noodles served by waitresses in kimonos.

Maybe see you in Japan. I never would have thought as Tokyo as a gay destinations.

You need to be logged in to go any further. Second House Cake creations. Upcoming Events in Tokyo. Aside from the traditional onsen, there are also a few gay onsens to check out, mainly owned by the 24 Kaikan brand:. Learning local cooking styles is also a great way to remember the places you've visited.

Моему Gay Tokyo: Tavel Guide to Tokyos best gay bars

There are some incredible museums in Tokyo that are worth a visit, especially for fans of art, movies and culture like us. But you must buy it from an agent before you go. If you get stamped in Arty Fartyyou can get in here free without paying entry twice. These guys are locals, passionate travellers and have a real insight of Japanese culture and the gay scene across the country.

Splashing people with water during this festival is meant to be a form of purification but since it takes place in summer the water is also quite refreshing. Their comprehensive coverage is second to none and their online claims process is very user friendly.

One of the most popular gay bars of Tokyo, attracting an after-work crowd and people coming for pre-drinks before heading to sister club Annex next door if you get your hand stamped here then you can also go to Annex for no extra cost. It attracts a fun crowd which is an even mix of Gay Tokyo: Tavel Guide to Tokyos best gay bars and locals.

  • From ganguro girls with painted faces to stern businessmen clad in suits -- their days spent behind a desk and nights behind a bar, Sapporo in hand -- to young men celebrating with style a new spirit of gay liberation beginning to emerge in this conservative culture, this is a place of vast contradictions.
  • Japan is one of the leaders of gay rights in Asia. Tokyo ranks as one of our favourite destinations ever.
  • Neon lights and massive skyscrapers meet the ancient, mystic charm of Asia.
  • Tokyo ranks as one of our legit favourite destinations ever! Put it this way, Tokyo is so fabulous, even the gorgeous Queer Eye Fab Five team made it over here not to mention the Olympic Games!

It's run by the same people behind AiRRO Cafe Bar , and they host lots of dance parties including events that are men-only or women-only. Arty Farty is a long running Ni-Chome favourite. The drinks at GB are generous, and GB is rarely less than full. Forgot password Email:. I did find one company online called gogayjapan.

Gay Tokyo: Tavel Guide to Tokyos best gay bars

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