Boston Gay Basketball League 36 Members

Boston Gay Basketball League shared a link. The Bingham Cup is named for Mark Binghaman openly gay rugger and one of the heroes who gave their lives to thwart the terrorist hijackers of United Flight 93 on September 11, Boston Gay Basketball League 1 October.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mark your calendar and tell your friends! Club Boston Ironsides.

If only one of the teams has a scorekeeper who can keep score for the entire game, that team shall be so designated. During the summer, there is also an outdoor league that gives more players the opportunity to play because the league does not have to pay to secure permits for outdoor courts.

You become a member when you roster with a team for the Spring season. Such election must be made at the time the fifth player commits his fifth foul. I Boston Gay Basketball League 36 Members enjoy the league. If you do not meet this minimum your team will be merged with free agents.

No time-out shall be permitted after the first overtime period. Unsportsmanlike Conduct The Commissioners retain the right to suspend or expel from future participation in the League any player whose conduct is unsportsmanlike, inflammatory, or tends to reflect unfavorably on the Social Boston Sports or its member, and to take such additional action against his team as may be appropriate.

The league also coordinates with charitable causes and can mobilize its bevy of players to Boston Gay Basketball League 36 Members said cause.

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I think every year it gets better. Our divisions are organized by competition and skill level Boston Gay Basketball League 36 Members superior: D1, competition: advanced: D2, co-existence: intermediate: D3, co-operation: novice: D4. In the playoffs in the event of a tie at the end of the second half, an overtime period of three minutes shall be played during which the clock shall be stopped on all whistles.

Teams Boston Gay Basketball League 36 Members all year. Once your game ends, the night is just beginning. If there is no available substitute for a player disqualified on fouls either because of a shortage of roster players at the game or because of previous disqualifications or injuries to other playersthen such team shall have the choice, with the approval of the referee, to continue playing with five players including that player who has just committed his fifth foul provided that such player has not been charged with any technical foulor to play with only four players.

Boston Gay Basketball League 36 Members Read Edit View history. For assistance and inquiries about scheduling, rules, and officiating, contact us at sports socialbostonsports.

  • Founded in , the Beantown Softball League is the largest athletic organization open to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual people in New England.
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  • Ready to ball? Come out, play basketball in Boston, meet new people and head to the sponsor bar afterward for the post-game social!
  • Founded in by Mark Chambers, [1] who also co-founded the Lambda Basketball League , to help LGBT players create city leagues, travel teams, and to allow individual players the ability to find a place or team to participate in LGBT basketball events that are held around the world.
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Boston Gay Basketball League 36 Members

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