Another of the biggest gay events in the world

A super fertile mother has ato one family after giving birth to two sets of twins - one identical, one fraternal - with no 'filler baby' in between at incredible odds. Republic Guernsey South Sudan. It takes place in mid-June, attracting crowds of aroundCertain statistics may include celebrations or festivals that may be exclusive of the parade.

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Trending Now. Views Read Edit View history. Miami Gay Parade — by :Flickr. LuBUnya Film Week. Walking against Homophobia and Transphobia. Straight 1, Videos. My tight ass takes 3 massive cocks! Miami does not have anything gay.

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Inthe country became the first and to date, only! New York, June New York has had a great run of late, with 2. The celebration includes the traditional parade floats, but it is infused with a distinct Brazilian flavor.

The first parade in attracted people, many wearing masks to conceal their identity. The event starts in front of Argentina's "pink house," the Casa Rosada governmental palace in Plaza de Mayo, with live music and a diversity fair, before the parade heads to the National Congress building.

Recommended Hotels. Parade-goers can expect free-wheeling, festive floats along with a good amount of politically minded groups marching. Madrid, Spain, July 7: Madrid did its best to be the biggest in , reaching 3.

Another of the biggest gay events in the world

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